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Hubei Taihe Listed Cryogenic Temperature Valve Technology Industrial Center

Date:2017-2-14 10:43

The Three Gorges Zigui Online News (correspondent Yu Xuenan and Cui Yu) the morning of January 17th, the "Cryogenic Valve Technology Industrial Center" award ceremony held in Hubei Taihe Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd in Jiuli Industrial Park, Zigui County. Ding Wu, the General Secretary of CPPEI attended the ceremony and for the award.

The General Secretary of CPPEI Ding Wu (left) Award for Taihe

The center is the only industrial cryogenic valve technology center awarded by CPPEI. After a number of experts of the Institute review, Hubei Taihe won the award.

At the awarding ceremony, Ding Wu expressed his earnest hope to Taihe Company, he said, "The cryogenic valve manufacturing technology of Taihe petrochemical industry is in the forefront of the world. We hope Taihe will establish long-term cooperation relationship with Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC and other large companies, play the advantages of technology center for the development of national manufacturing industry.”


Zigui County Deputy Magistrate Fahui Gong made a speech at the award ceremony

Hubei Taihe Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2007, is a production of high temperature and high pressure valves, cryogenic valves and fittings in the high-end professional private enterprises, the products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, liquefied natural gas and other fields.

The workers are producing

The company with 8 years of time, to overcome the technical difficulties of large-scale ultra-low temperature and high pressure valve, research and development of a cryogenic valve more than 20 innovative products and ultra-low temperature fluid control engineering technology independently, mastered the core technology of high-end equipment manufacturing, breaking the West on the technology Domain monopoly, and access to the EU CE certificate and the American Petroleum Institute API, Germany TUV-H model and other standards certificate.

At present, the company has 16 independent intellectual property rights, including 5 invention patents and more than 40 kinds of utility model patents, establish cooperative research and development laboratories with Lanzhou University of Technology, Yangtze University and other colleges and universities.


In 2016, the company took part in Valve World 2016 in Germany, and in the year to get orders in Europe and the United states.


Awarding ceremony related staff photo

Deputy director of the Yichang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Xie Chao said, Taihe Petrochemical is the first equipment manufacturing enterprises successful entry into Europe and the United States manufacturing power market equipment, Yichang's high-tech industry has played a good leading role in the development.



Zigui County deputy magistrate Huifa Gong pointed out, "Taihe Petrochemical after eight years of painstaking research, breaking the monopoly of Western high-tech.. Zigui county, as always, the county government will provide policy support for enterprises to do a good job of services to guide the company bigger and stronger."

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