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Taihe Participated in the Annual Technology Conference of National Natural Gas Industry in 2016

Date:2017-2-14 10:36

On 10-12th of January 2017, sponsored by CPPEI (China Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering Institute), the "National Natural Gas Industry Technical Conference and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Engineering Technology and Equipment Supply Exhibition" was held in Shenzhen.

Natural gas as the world recognized clean energy, highly sought after, greatly stimulated the domestic demand for natural gas. China will form a domestic conventional gas, unconventional gas, coal gas, import LNG, import pipelines and other diversified gas supply during “Thirteen Five-Year" period. The industrial technology conference is mainly the summary and analysis of the latest developments and trends in the development of international and domestic natural gas industry, understand and grasp the trend of domestic and international policy and technology, build the natural gas exploration and development, transportation and consumption by conveying each link close cooperation platform, promote the development of natural gas production, natural gas and natural gas equipment technology and services, natural gas trade and sales of various gas utilization between enterprises and get win-win cooperation by exchanges and conversation.

The meeting invited Petro China, Sinopec, CNOOC, local Gas Companies and research institutes and other relevant experts and business representatives to participate in. Taihe attend the meeting as a co-organizer, introduced the development process and product technology to other leaders at all levels and enterprises, and expressed the close attention to the support of national construction, and hope to be able to products applied to the national project construction, devote ourselves to the national “Thirteen Five-Year" construction.

Taihe took this opportunity to talked with all levels of leaders, and deeply discussed on the state natural gas development trend together, and in-depth exchange of construction and application of national natural gas projects in recent years with the industry enterprises, the annual meeting for Taihe is an opportunity, and a kind of encouragement, Taihe will bring the best quality products and most considerate service into oil and gas project construction!


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